Card tricks and the Theory of Everything


In their show Metamagicum Thomas Fraps and Pit Hartling expertly phantasize their way through the worlds of science and conjuring.

From the paradoxes of quantum physics to an IQ-scan of the audience and a group-travel into a parallel universe - Metamagicum is a tantalizing mix of fact and fiction.

Where else would you experience optical illusions and world-class sleight of hand magic back to back with movie projections and Bach's well-tempered piano? And in case you ever wondered what happened to those missing socks or how the theory of relativity relates to the traditional Munich brewery "Spaten": We have the answers.

Metamagicum blends scientific fact, masterful conjuring, surreal gadgetry and professional nonsense into a full-evening laboratory-extravaganza.

New: Now with formula of the week!





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